1. Motum Perpetuum
  2. Back to the 80s
  3. Deep of the NIght
  4. Elastic Hendricks
  5. Glitched
  6. In the Electrical Dimension
  7. Track Me

Arsenal by Sonarte

Arsenal brings the sound of a whole array of metal objects, chosen for their inherent and unique musical qualities. Played with bows, sticks, hands, mouth, any means necessary to capture and extract all their musical essence, these objects become, with Ableton Live, incredibly versatile and inspiring musical instruments, bringing to the musician a unique… arsenal.


Outer space guitars, funky drum sets and percussions, unheard basses, dark and haunting sound fx, crystalline bells, strange metallic sounds, ethereal pads and keys, Arsenal stands truly to its name – a tool box of inspiring organic musical instruments meant for you to explore new colors, new rhythms, new textures, to create your own sound, your idea of what music should be.

These instruments were created using what, at first, may appear as banal objects for a musician: sink drains, shower metal tubes, saw blades, post holders, pipe elbows, glass shades, and much more. But in fact, these objects are hiding musical treasures, delivering, with a sound approach, unique and unexpected sounds.

Some of the instruments included in Arsenal:

Celesta Tubes (shower pipes)

CelestaTubes   ChromaticCeleste
Microtonal Celesta Tube                                 Chromatic Celesta Tube

Two of the main instruments in Arsenal are the chromatic Celesta Tube, of which the rounded sound recalls small tubular bells (two octaves register) and the microtonal (quarter tones) Celesta Tube, somehow like an extended huge mark tree, creating an impression of glissando and whistling. These instruments toured the world! They were made from metallic shower tubes, cut and tuned, by Michel Drapeau for the percussion ensemble Repercussions in the 80s.


Chinese Gong                                                                       Thai Gong

Also included is a series of metal Thai Gongs as well as a Chinese Gong from the end of the XIXth century.  Sonarte has captured two different sounds from the Thai Gongs, the standard hit on the center, and a hit on the side, resulting in a sound with much harmonics. The attack of the old Chinese Gong is more granular and “swoosh” like, and the sustain is shorter than the modern ones.

Arsenal is conceived as a toolbox for the musician, offering raw material, the basic sampler instruments that can be used as is, or as building blocks to create new instruments, to add colors and textures to existing ones. The sound presets are good examples of how to approach the creation of your own tweaked instruments.

How are the sound objects from Arsenal different from the Sound Objects live pack?  Beside the Celesta Tubes, they differ in their physical shape, their density, and their form, bringing a whole new world of sounds. Each object has its own resonance, its own harmonics, its own way of vibrating. The result is much more than samples; it’s an amalgam of sound colors and textures with unsuspected musical possibilities.


Key features

•       2 Go of meticulously sampled sound objects at 96khz/24 bits

•       233 presets including basses, Microtonal Celesta Tubes, guitars, pads, keys and mallets, and percussions

•       106 sound objects instruments – processed and unprocessed