Crystal Sounds

  1. Dramatic March
  2. Hurdy Gurdy Wheel
  3. Magicaly Yours
  4. New Pink Set
  5. Prologue Lifelines
  6. PsyPad
  7. Ball of Glasses
  • Crystal Sounds (vol. 1) is now available in Live pack format. It is composed of two main instruments, a Cristal Baschet, a “sonorous sculpture” invented by the Baschet brothers in 1952, an impressive instrument with a truly unique and haunting timbre, and a large variety of Crystal glasses.

Crystal Sounds gives access to unique instruments with awesome musical qualities.  All instruments featured in the collection were multi-sampled with extreme attention to detail, offering the maximum in expression.  It’s a must have library to complement the arsenal of composers and sounds designers alike.

The Cristal Baschet instrument sampled in this collection, also known as Crystal Organ, is composed of twenty-four chromatically tuned glass rods linked to a heavy block of metal via metal stems. In order to produce a sound, glass rods are rubbed with moistened fingers, creating unique vibrations responding very intimately to the action of the fingers. Two different resonators were used, fiberglass and metallic, in order to amplify the sound and give it its unique color.

The Crystal glasses sampled in this library add yet another dimension, a unique crystalline color to the ensemble, with very high quality sampled glasses. They were captured with many different types of attacks and dynamics, giving the feeling of a real and organic instrument.

With Ableton Live, through filters, LFOs, oscillators, effects and various instruments of the Live collection, we have sculpted unique, versatile and original instruments: pads, percussive sounds of various textures, possibilities with Live are endless. Some instruments are reminiscent of the human voice, other of the harmonica, the hurdy-gurdy, the french horn, etc.

The impressive sound quality and originality of the Crystal Sounds collection offers new creative possibilities, giving composers and sound designers the tools and distinctive ingredients needed to create music.

Key Features

  • 1 Go of meticulously sampled crystal and glass sounds at 96khz/24 bits
  • 164 presets including bandoneon, bells, brass, harmonica, organs, pads, percussions, strings and woodwinds
  • 16 CrystalSounds instruments, recorded with five different dynamics (for most of the instruments) and different attacks (fast, medium, slow, sustain and percussive)

Requirements Crystal Sounds (vol. 1) requires 1 Go of hard drive space and Ableton Live 8.1.3 or higher.