Artists : Vital Spam

Artists : Vital Spam


February 28th, 2013


“As a producer you always try to create a new sound with new exiting instruments. Almost immediately when we tested Sound Objects and Crystal Sounds, we realized that this would be an important part of our sound library. To create a new and unique sound in today’s electronic world is, of course, not difficult, but the created instruments of SonArte’s organic soundscapes is simply one more dimension. Imaginative soundscapes with one foot in the real world and the second foot in the sky.” – Mårten Ronsten of Vital Spam

Vital Spam is Lotta Nilsson and Mårten Ronsten, a duo with lifetime experience of the Swedish pop and rock scene. When Lotta and Mårten by chance started working together in a totally different project, they soon noticed that there was a common musical language, despite differing musical references. The collaboration resulted in Vital Spam and It does’t have to mean anything , their long awaited debut album.

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