Tubular Bells Collection

  1. Chinese Girl's Ballet 1
  2. Circus Turbulence
  3. OneOneOne240
  4. Three Notes Theme

The Tubular Bells sampled in this collection is an 18 notes vintage Leedy & Ludwig instrument (C4-F5) from the beginning of the XXth century, remarkable for the purity and clarity of its sounds, and for the exceptional duration of its sustained notes. Tubular Bells were originally created with the aim of reproducing a church bell sound within the traditional orchestra. From the middle of the XIXth century, the instrument evolved into a set of chromatically tuned tubes made of brass. For practical purposes, the resonance of a tube being one octave below the fundamental (the stroked note), the Tubular Bells were mapped from C3 to F4 with lowest and highest notes extended in their respective range.

The Tubular Bells were meticulously recorded at 96khz/24 bits at five different dynamic levels with state of the art recording equipment so as to render all the authenticity of the instrument. Beside the natural acoustic Tubular Bells presets, the collection is divided into three more sections: Ambient, Rhythmic and Synthetic Tubular Bells, for more than 70 presets and instruments. Taking advantage of the exceptional flexibility of Live’s instruments and effects, and Sampler, the collection brings the Tubular Bells into new musical territories:  ambient sounds from intricate bells presets, immersive pads, intricate motions and mysterious rhythms, fascinating and powerful hybrid tubular bells synths.



  • 70 Instrument Racks;
  • 1 Device preset



  • Installation Size: 2.0 GB
  • Download Size: 658.5 MG



  • Requires Live Intro or
  • Live Version 8.1.3 or higher
  • 2 GB or RAM recommended